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Suku Directory is a fork of the SearXNG open source project. You can access the open source code for both the SearXNG and Suku Directory projects from the github links provided.


Suku Directory:

At Suku, we care about the privacy of the users of the Suku Directory project, and we want to give the privacy of personal data back to the users. In this regard, we prefer open source SearXNG and are working to improve it.

Collection and Tracking of Personal Information

Suku Directory does not collect or track any personal information about our users. We do not log your searches, IP addresses or browser identifiers. Your searches are processed temporarily and we do not retain this information.

**Suku Directory uses cookies to store your preferences on your browser so that if you update your preferences, they will be remembered the next time you log in. If you do not update your preferences, we will not use cookies in your browser.

Processing search results

For the beta version, Suku Directory does not have a search database and web crawler. We perform your search query by hiding your identity from the search engines you can manage in your preferences, and return the query results without revealing your identity. The search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.) cannot access any of your data, including your IP address, location, search history, personal data.

When the stable version of Suku Directory is available, you will be able to use our own search database while still protecting your personal information. We will also publish details of our search algorithms when the Suku stable release is available.

Open Source Software

Suku Directory is an open source project and the open source code is available for anyone to review. This transparency helps to detect any malicious activity or vulnerabilities that could compromise user privacy.

At Suku Directory, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of user privacy. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us.